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Ken lands with a soft thud under the scattered window frames and raises up slowly removing his cast with a flinch. Thinking he should have taken it off before the climb. Tracing the location of the lab from the e-mails and phone records between Alberts and Ami was not difficult; it was leaving HQ without Ami noticing that was the challenge. He could not take his motorcycle, but luckily Yusei had a sedan prepped and ready for him without asking too many questions.

As he walks around the offices of ImagiTech the first thing he notices is the overwhelming scent of lemon and pine cleaner. The second thing is the deep cuts and slashes along the floor and wall. Whatever Viron had been here was not a nice or particular neat one. But someone had to clean up after it, but where are they now?

He advances to the back of the offices and into the lab area that looks as if a twister had been through. Desks, tables, chairs, shattered glasses cover the floor. But again, no blood and the overtaking scent of fresh lemon product. A whiteboard catches Ken’s eye and goes to flip it over. The board is a jumbled mess of formulas and equations, but Ken studies the words written in heavy black and red with lines and circles connecting certain phrases that jump out at him.




DEBUG? ? ? ?




Ken untwists his lips and shakes his head trying to make sense of the board before flipping it back over. He continues to search the lab; thumbing through discarded notebooks, checking drawers, even trying several computers but they appeared locked or frozen. Ken makes his away to the back of the lab set up for testing and with wide eyes he finds open steel barrels full of tokenroids of different shapes, colors, and sizes.

But before Ken could get any closer, he jerks suddenly in the direction of a low purr behind him.

Jagstalker sits at attention like a house pet waiting on a treat. The Viron glares at Ken from the darkness as his right eye glows softly in rhythm with the sway of his tail.

Jagstalker: You’ve trespassed in my den, Kamen Rider. (his deep and regal voice drenched in confidence)

Ken: What can I say? (shrugging) Trespassing on Viron is a hobby of mine.

Jagstalker: I will enjoy eating you.

Ken: Choke on this, furball.

Ken holds up his driver’s controller.

Arcade Driver: Player One, Okay? READY!


Ken slams the controller into the driver and is immediately engulfed by gridlines that are covered by flowing pixels. As they fade away, they reveal his armor as his green segmented eyes flare brightly.

Arcade Driver: GAME START: ARCADE!

Arcade points to Jagstalker.

Arcade: Now, let’s aim for the high sco-

Jagstalker leaps forward curling into a ball, smashing his spiked tail across Arcade’s chest harder with each arc. The Rider rolls out of the path holding his scorched chest and the Viron lands perfectly on all fours, eyes locked on his new prey that stinks of his prize.

Arcade charges and swings down at the cat monster but it twists and dives out of the way of each swing. The Viron backflips away on the sixth wild swing and mule kicks Arcade across the room before landing perfectly on a lab table. Arcade hits the wall with a loud crunch and grips the side of the arm that should have a cast on it. He falls to one knee and stares at the Viron lying idly on the edge of a lab table like a black house cat on a porch in the summer.

Arcade reaches for a tokenroid and Jagstalker’s eyes snap wide. His optic sensor hums before firing a shot that knocks the coin from the Kamen Rider’s hand.

Jagstalker: No, that comes later.

Arcade shakes his still sizzling hand and rises slowly to his feet. Arcade charges forward again, but Jagstalker leaps off the lab narrowing avoiding being snapped as Arcade brings both of his fists down breaking the table in two halves. The Viron lands hard on Arcade raking his blade sharp claws across his armor. Arcade stumbles back as the Viron gracefully lands and begins snap kicking him in the center of his chest. Arcade grimaces beneath his helmet and on instinct blocks a strike with his bad arm. He cries out and staggers back against the wall. The Viron raises a brow and his lips curl into a jagged smile when he notices the Rider nursing the side of his arm.

Jagstalker: I smell pain. Give me more.

Jagstalker falls to all fours and sprints like lightning to the wounded Arcade. He kicks off the ground on his hind legs and turns smashing his spiked tail into the side of the Kamen Rider’s injured arm. Arcade screams out when the tail hits him a second time forcing him against the wall and leaving a large dent in the side of it.

Arcade shoves off the wall and finally manages a clean hit on the cyber cat with a sloppy uppercut under the Viron’s maw. Jagstalker’s head snaps up then methodically down to stare at Arcade. The cat licks his lips and takes a step back producing a small tokenroid from the metal piece attached to his waist. The tokenroid fights to transform against the Viron’s iron palm.

Arcade: (eyes wide under his helmet in both pain and disbelief) What the-

Jagstalker: I told you this would come later.

Arcade’s HUB display flashes a warning as Jagstalker purrs and inserts the tokenroid into a metal piece on his chest.

Jagstalker’s Systems: UPGRADE: STRENGTH BOOST.

The Viron deathly howls and grabs the Rider by the collar and smashes him repeatedly into the dent in the wall. He smashes and scratches and shoves until daylight breaks through the cracks of drywall and plaster and when the Rider is barely standing he spins around and hammers him again with his tail on the side of his injured arm forcing Arcade outside.

Meanwhile, in the back of the lab, a figure who had hoped for rescue steadies a shaking hand and quickly reseals the vault they had been hiding in…

Arcade rolls against the ground before skidding to a stop as the Viron follows calmly. 

Arcade: Okay… He’s kicking my ass…

Arcade pulls out the Shotokan Load Card but before he can activate it the Viron peppers him with a volley from his eye optic. Smoldering and blackened, Arcade falls back and drops the load card.

Arcade: Not my finest hour right now…

Jagstalker growls but is immediately sent flying as a sedan rams into him.

Arcade struggles to stand as Dan and Gunpei sprint up from behind and support him on both sides.

Arcade: Good timing guys.

Dan: I say that was worth three points.

Gunpei: Ken, what the hell, the Director told you to stay out of the field.

Arcade: You always do what you’re told, Trigger?

Gunpei: (clicking his tongue in frustration) You need to fall back. 

Arcade: I can handle this…(he holds up his controller with his bad arm and drops it almost immediately)

Gunpei: Not today. Damn that traitor, if she were worth a damn she’d… Doesn’t matter now, (nodding to Dan) it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Dan: (stretching) If ya ask me, right on time.

Dan and Gunpei pull out driver controllers.

Scope Driver: Player 3, get ready for the next mission!

Faust Driver: Player 4, are you okay?!

Gunpei: HENSHIN!

Dan: Hen (yawning)…shin.

Gunpei slams his controller into the belt materializing around his waist as he leans forward with his forearm stretched out in front of him.

Dan lets the controller fall out of his hand slide into the belt materializing around his waist.

Instantly Gunpei is engulfed by a gridline and a swirl of pixels as armor pieces snap onto him with the sound of a gun cocking. With red segmented eyes shining underneath a visor Gunpei now donned in steel blue accented with urban camouflage colored armor invoking imagery of a futuristic assault rifle has become Kamen Rider Scope!

Dan is caught in a swift gust of pixels that fade away leaving behind burgundy highlighted in timberwolf color armor resembling an armored version of a MMA fighter’s gear. Dan raises his arms to stretch as armored fist guards snap into place. Easing back into a non-defensive stance Dan has become Kamen Rider Faust!


Kamen Rider Scope shoves a tokenroid into his driver without giving it the time to transform.


A long sniper rifle materializes on Scope’s back. He pulls it overhand from his back and takes aim.

Scope: Bang. You’re next.

Faust: (yawning and smacking his lips) Try not to take all day. (he glances at Scope) And YOU make sure you're careful with that thing. Not like we can just buy a replacement at the store...


VS Room...

As Inara watches, Lumine is busy testing her limits with the Strength Boost Tokenroid, lifting a small car over her head.

Inara: Not bad. Now try it one-handed.

Lumine: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I can barely do this with BOTH arms!

Inara: That just means we'll need to work on your upper body strength, too.

Lumine: Well excuse me for not realizing I was going to be gang-pressed into the role of a superhero!

She starts to say something else, but the display inside her helmet suddenly changes, adding three more signatures to her own in the tally.

Lumine: What the? Ken?

Inara: Hmmm?

Lumine: It's Ken! He must've changed! I can see his info on my visor.

Inara: What? He wasn't supposed to-

Lumine: Wait... There's two others... Scope? Faust? Who in the world...?

She accesses the feeds, and what she sees startles her so much she drops the car, which just misses her foot.


Faust: Oh, hey. Forgot you'd be online. How’s Inara treating you?

Scope: Get off the comm, you-


Faust: Ummm… you never asked…?

Arcade: Now isn't a good time, Julie. I'll explain things later, but right now-

Lumine: Oh no... NO! I am SICK of you people not telling me the important stuff!


Lumine: YOU can shut up! I want answer and-

She jerks suddenly as Inara grabs her suit by the collar and yanks her around.

Inara: That's enough. If you're going to keep bothering them, you're more than welcome to go out there and join them. Otherwise, shut up and get back to training so you don't die the next time you get into a fight.

Lumine glares at her, furious.

Inara: Well?

Slowly, Lumine deflates and cuts the comlink.

Lumine: Which one's next?

Inara: I thought as much. You have a great deal to learn about being a Kamen Rider. A great deal indeed.


Jagstalker leaps to his feet as a fresh smell of his prize overtakes him. He prowls toward the two new Riders, stretching his limbs with a pop on each stride.

Jagstalker: New Riders make no difference. I’ll have all your bones.

Scope: (cocking the pump under the barrel on the Snipefire once) That’s what they all say.

Snipefire: Assault Mode.

The barrel of the Snipefire shrinks and the gun shifts into a more compact size as Scope begins walking forward firing into the cat monster the gun churning out shots like a SMG.

The Viron hisses and tries to dodge the hits, but each blasts curves and finds its mark knocking him down.

Scope: (smirking under his helmet) I don’t see why Ken had so much trouble with you.

Arcade: Don’t get cocky, this Viron can use tokenroids!

Scope: What?

Jagstalker pounces toward Scope, a tokenroid in each fist. The Viron roars slamming the tokens into his chest.


Jagstalker’s cybernetic armor flares red as he bounces into the air out range of Scope’s shots. The Viron comes down hard on the Rider’s shoulders before sending a sharp kick to the side of his helmet.

Scope rolls off the ground into a crouching aim stance and fires but the Viron frog-leaps into the air again.

Scope: (to Faust) A little help?

Faust sits Indian style on the ground resting his chin on both fists.

Faust: Nah breh, you got this.

Scope: Why I…(cocks the Snipefire three times) 

Snipefire: Launcher Mode.

The Snipefire’s gun barrel completely retracts into the body revealing a slightly large slot while the handle and sight folds into the sides giving the weapon a vaguely tube-like shape. Scope mounts the weapon on his shoulder and holds it in place; his visor sensor pings as he tracks the Viron’s movement.

Scope: That’s a good kitty.

Jagstalker howls as he falls forward Scope, claws first. Scope’s target systems ring signaling a lock-on.

Scope: Gotcha!

The Snipefire flares and launches a tiny rocket that hits the Viron dead on. The resulting explosion knocks Scope on his backside and sends Jagstalker through the roof of a nearby car.

Scope Driver: CLEAN HIT.

Scope: (slowly standing) Let’s finish this and-

Before Scope could take a step forward he is bound in place by three heavy chains.

Arcade: Trigger!

Faust: Okay, I’m getting up.

But soon they too find themselves restrained by similar chains.

The rattling of more chains fills the air followed by a gasping wind as a nearly transparent figure lowers from the sky.

Jagstalker rolls out of the vehicle and supports himself on the hood as he watches the newcomer descend.

Jagstalker: I told you not to disrupt my hunt, Phantex.

Draped in a white cloak and red chains and a scythe slung over her shoulder, the apparition sighs and glares down to her partner.

Phantex: This hunt has taken too long and you have revealed too much to our enemies.

Jagstalker: They will be dead soon enough.

Phantex: You are far too damaged. Come.

The ghost waves her hand creating a spell circle under the cat beast that shallows him whole in a blinding light.

Phantex: (to the Riders) You’ll forgive my familiar. We were unprepared for this encounter but rest assured your times will come.

Arcade: (struggling to break his chains) A-Are you another Vice Lord?

Phantex: (her skeletal face almost stretches into a smile) You flatter me.

Phantex swings her scythe creating a gale that knocks the Riders back and shatters the chains. When the heroes stand, the spirit is gone.

Faust: So, raise your hand if you’re creeped the heck out completely.

Arcade and Scope glance at each other then back to Faust then back to each other again.


Outside Julie's room

Bone-weary, Julie trudges towards her quarters, Inara behind her.

Inara: That was almost adequate.

Julie: Fifty... trips... up and down the stairs... of the entire building... Is ALMOST adequate?

Inara: Indeed. I had hoped for a hundred. Your stamina is still lacking. You've got three hours to refresh yourself and rest, and then we resume your training.

Too tired to respond, Julie slides her passkey through the door's scanner. As it opens up, Inara adds one last comment.

Inara: Oh, and so you know, you now have a roommate.

Julie: EH?!?!

Her door opens and she stumbles through, startled by Inara's bombshell. She immediately sees, of all people, Kasumi sitting on what are now twin beds, talking to Yamiya on the videoscreen.

Kasumi: Oh, you're back!

Yamiya: SIS! Where the heck have YOU been? That full-immersion acting course must be brutal.

Dumbfounded, Julie finds herself absolutely speechless.

Yamiya: You look thrashed. We'll talk after you've gotten some rest, Sis. Later!

The screen goes blank, and all Julie can do is stare at Kasumi.

Julie: But... How... When...

Though exhausted, she manages to compose herself.

Julie: Kasumi... I... I've got no excuse. Just give it to me straight. I deserve it.

Kasumi: Okay... THANKS!

Julie flops.

Julie: NOT the response I expected.

She regains her balance and gapes at Kasumi.

Julie: Thanks?! After what I did?!

Kasumi: Well, yeah. That gig was a dead end job and I was in a rathole apartment I couldn't afford to stay at. And now I get to stay here, I've got a cushy new job as a spokesmodel for ComCon. What's not to love?

Julie's jaw hits the floor.

Kasumi: Oh, and don't worry about your family. I just told them you were doing a class that was keeping you away from our room and that you weren't allowed to break character as a part of it. That brother of yours is hilarious... and kinda cute, besides.

Julie: You've... been talking... to my family... Why not? My life just got even more surreal than it already was...

Kasumi: So, roomie, what's it like? Being a superhero?

Julie sighs and sits on the bed, too wiped out to stand anymore.

Julie: It's about the worst thing to ever happen to me.

Kasumi: Oh come on! You get to go around helping people and doing things no one could even imagine! It must be the best job EVER!

Julie groans and flops down onto the bed, spread eagle.

Julie: Oh god, why couldn't YOU have been Lumine?!

Kasumi: That's what I said! There was a lot of talk about auras and stuff that went over my head... Ami uses a LOT of 100 yen words, y'know... But that's not important anyway. So, I wanna ask...

She pauses and sees that Julie's out cold, resting peacefully for the first time in a week. She smiles softly.

Kasumi: It can wait. I guess being a hero can be kinda rough after all.

Julie's only response is a light single snore.


Mori Residence,

Yamiya chuckles as he ends his connection to Julie's room.

Yamiya: Sis always DID tend to throw herself into her work. Ah well.

He moves to turn the computer off when it beeps, signaling a call over Skype.

Yamiya: Guess she wasn't as tired as I thought.

He clicks on the notice. A window opens, but the picture is blank. Words scroll across the black screen in dark green letters.

“Things are not what they seem.”

Yamiya: Man, these viral advertisements are getting more cryptic every year.

“You have been lied to, Yamiya Mori.” 

Yamiya: And more personal…

“Your sister is not what she appears to be.”

Yamiya: What about my sis-

“We’ll be in touch.”

Before he could reach the keyboard the call ends and backs out to his desktop.

Yamiya: Now that was freaky…


ComCon Technologies, Med Bay

Ami just finishes wrapping the last bandage around Ken’s arm before she takes a step back and nearly vents steam out of her ears.

Ami: Of all the idiotic…! (She smacks Ken a few times upside his head)

Ken: Ow, ow, ow! (only managing to dodge a couple of hits) I said I was sorry.

Ami: The Director told you to stay out of the field, I TOLD you to stay out of the field. You could’ve been killed!

Ken: So I overestimated my healing time… (rubbing his newly recast arm)

Ami: What were you even thinking!?

Ken: (looking at his bandaged arm) You were hurting and I wante-had to help any way I could.

Ami presses her lips together and fights her cheeks from puffing up as she turns six shades of red.

Ami: You don’t get to say stuff like that when I’m trying to be mad at you…and it was still a dumb thing to do.

Dan: (spinning around in a wheelchair he clearly does not need) S’all good, Doc. We were there for the save on Sir Stone Face.

Gunpei: WE? (lowering the ice pack from his forehead)

Dan: I held his shoulder. That was a thing I totally did to help. And by the way, anybody notice Julie was eerily cooperative today?

Gunpei: I noticed she needs to leave useful personnel alone.

Ami: I try not to notice her at all.

Ken: (sighing) You guys shouldn’t be so ha-

Ami (cutting off Ken) Back to the matter at hand,

She picks her tablet off the med table and reviews the combat data again.

Ami: This (she punctuates by holding the screen up at them) is insane. You need to tell me everything you guys remember about that Viron.

Ken: Outside of what our systems could read he was crazy strong.

Gunpei: And fast.

Dan: And had a really nice voice.

They give Dan “the look.”

Dan: What?! He did!

Ami: (Biting her lip) How can a Viron use tokenroids? That shouldn’t even be possible.

Ken: (his mind wandering back to what he saw at the lab) You don’t think that’s what Dr. Alberts was working on do you?

Ami: I refuse to believe that.

Gunpei: It’s not about what you want to believe but what the person is capable of doing.

Ami: Why would Alberts be working for the Viron?

Ken: We’re not saying he was working for…Maybe working on?

Gunpei: What are you thinking?

Ken: I’m saying, Trigger, maybe we should ask the Director why Alberts had a lab full of tokenroid prototypes.

Gunpei: I thought all that was handled in house now after they perfected our Rider systems.

Ken: I thought so too.

Gunpei: Maybe we should speak to Bus-

A loud static filled pop comes in over their Bluetooths on an emergency channel.

Female Voice: C-n anyon- hear -his? Ple-se s--- help! L-t them find it. I’- scared, please anyo-e, help. 

Ken: Did you guys just get a-

Gunpei: Ya, jumbled to hell though.

Ami: I’m running a trace. (She flicks her tablet menus to run a tracking software program to the signal’s source) But that’s…that’s back at Alberts’ lab…

Ken: Impossible. I was just there and I didn’t see a sign of anybody.

Gunpei: Could be trap. The cat man waiting to get us back down there and finish us off.

Ami: Well, if there’s even the smallest chance that there could be a survivor from the attack we have to trust this real and rescue them. Maybe learn what was going on at the lab.

Ken: (standing quickly) That’s right let’s-

Ami puts her hand in his chest and pushes him back down.

Ami: Oh no, you aren’t letting anywhere until that arm heals, hot shot. Gunpei, Dan?

Gunpei nods to Dan.

Gunpei: We’re up.

Dan: But can’t we be down for twenty minutes first…?


Phatex hovers above ImagiTech tapping her scythe carefully against her shoulder.

Phantex: They are taking longer than expected. I am disappointed. 

A flurry of black feathers descending on the roof catches her eye and she floats down to greet the emerging winged Vice Lord, even in day light his form cloaked in distorted shadow.

???: Progress.

Phantex: Jagstalker had bested the Riders but he nearly overloaded his systems using two at once. The process is nearing perfection save for one piece that soon will be ours.

???: Excellent, I await the final status report.

Phantex: I will deliver it in the skull of a Rider.

???: I hope not that blasted girl. We would want not to upset Gukkedon. But tell me, why did you take the bodies of the humans from this lab?

Phantex: I find the human anatomy…fascinating. I wish to study it closer for understanding. And my familiar so provided for me many serviceable specimens.

???: And cleaning the lab?

Phantx: No reason to leave a perfectly usable lab filthy.

???: Valid point. You know where the item is, yes?

Phantex: Of course I do, the human hides nothing from my eyes.

???: Why not take it and end this.

Phantex: My familiars do enjoy the hunt and so rarely get to play…


Gunpei and Dan return to ImagiTech to find all signs of the previous battle gone save for a hole in the wall.

Dan: Somebody’s a neat freak…

Gunpei: Eyes sharp, we don’t know what to expect.

The two tread carefully into the dark labs.

Dan: (cupping his hands to his mouth) Hello? Any one hiding from freaky monsters still in here?

Gunpei waves his hand at Dan as he goes into a hallway.

Gunpei: Will you shut up and try to preserve some element of surprise?

Dan: Eh, surprises aren’t worth it unless there’s cake.

Dan takes a few slow struts before stopping in front of the nearest table and peers under it.

Dan: Hello? Anyone home?

Jagstalker: (from behind) No one here but us cats.

Jagstalker leaps for Dan, but without turning around or looking Dan twirls on his back heels out of the way and the cat man crashes head first into a group of tables. Dan stretches his arms as he turns to face the Viron.

Dan: You need to wear a collar with a little bell on it, dude.

The Viron rakes his across the ground.

Jagstalker: You’re fast, human.

Dan: Who? Me? Naah.

Having come running at the sound of the crash, Gunpei skids to a stop next to Dan.

Gunpei: Can’t leave you alone for a second, I see.

Dan: All the pussys want some of my action.

Gunpei: That was terrible.

Dan: Best I could do since you guys aren’t letting me sleep today…

Gunpei: You’ll get a catnap later.

Dan: Haha, nice one.

Jagstalker: Welcome to your doom, Riders.

Gunpei: (sizing up Dan out the side of his eye) You got my back this time?

Dan: You can trust me, we’re partners.

Dan and Gunpei pull out driver controllers.

Scope Driver: Player 3, get ready for the next mission!

Faust Driver: Player 4, are you okay?!

Gunpei: HENSHIN!

Dan: Henshin, I guess.

In a flash of gridlines and pixels, Dan and Gunpei transform into Scope and Faust.


Kamen Rider Scope flicks a tokenroid the air and transform into bull’s-eye before he catches it and inserts it into his driver.


Scope: Bang, (swinging the Snipefire off his back and aiming at Jagstalker) you’re next.

Scope cocks the weapon twice.

Snipefire: Shot Mode.

The center of the Snipefire pops out exposing a metal bar at the center. The sight folds into the side and the barrel retracts into the gun to be replaced by a larger barrel. Scope fires; the front part of the gun churning like a cylinder against the newly exposed metal bar before snapping back into place.

Jagstalker leaps out of the way, but Scope fires again and again. The buck shots taking out chucks of a tables, chairs, and monitors. Jagstalker jerks as a spread nicks him in the shoulder. He growls and tosses a gray cartridge toward the Riders that shatters into a platoon of Bytes. 

Jagstalker hisses and runs for the open hole in the wall on all fours as Scope rushes behind firing shots into the chests of Bytes as he passes.

Scope: You mop up the small fries; I’m going after the fat catfish.

Faust: Say guys, can’t we talk this out?

A Byte swipes at him and he steps back.

Faust: Suppose not…

Another Byte takes a swing at him but Faust moves with the flow of the punch out of the range. A third jumps him from behind, teeth bared, and Faust guides him with his palm into the first Byte.

Faust: Come on, wouldn’t you rather eat nachos and watch a movie instead?

Two more charge forward kicking and punching, but the Rider side steps between each strike until he catches a stray leg from a Byte and shoves it into its comrade.

A group surrounds him, their mouths crackling with electricity.

Faust: That’s ne-(something on the floor catches his eye) HEY!

Faust bends down as the Byes unleash bolts of energy from their mouths that strike each other with deadly accuracy, but leaving Faust untouched. The Bytes crumble into smoldering blacken piles and Faust rises with a shiny tokenroid in hand.

Faust: Never seen this model before. Okay, let’s (looking to the downed Bytes) Oh…Nevermind then. Go me.

Female Voice: Hey, hey listen! Over here!

Faust looks to the direction of the voice.

Faust: Where are you?

Female Voice: Over here! Quick! Hurry!

Faust palms the tokenroid and follows the sound of the voice toward the back of the lab.



Jagstalker narrowly avoids his leg being taken out mid jump as Scope fires again with the Snipefire in Shot Mode.

Jagstalker: You use the weapons of a coward…

Scope: And you jump like a bitch. (cocking the Snipefire once)

Snipefire: Assault Mode.

The weapon shifts into Assault Mode configuration and Scope braces his arm against his side and strays the area with a barrage of gunfire.

The first clean hit goes straight through Jagstalker’s leg bringing him to ground level and Scope runs foward as each bullet plows into and through the Viron forcing it back into a wall. When Scope nears the cyber cat he removes his driver from his belt with his free hand and it converts into a short sword.

Scope Driver: Sword Mode.

Scope presses the blade of the driver against the cat’s neck before ripping it out. The Viron hisses in agony as sparks and green ooze scatter against the wall. Jagstalker holds the open wound and slumps to the ground.

Jagstalker: C-curse you, Kamen Rider.

Scope: They say that a lot too.

Scope shifts his driver back into a controller and places it into his belt. He cocks the Snipefire four times returning the weapon to its default sniper rifle configuration.

Scope: Now I end this.

Scope enters Forward, Forward, Down, X into his driver controller.


The driver sends a charge that travels through Scope’s armor and into the Snipefire. He levels the pulsating rifle, point blank, at Jagstalker’s head.

Scope: RIDER…

As Scope steadies himself to pull a trigger a roar like thunder shakes the ground and the side of a brick wall shatters like glass as a massive armored and horned form charges straight for him.

Scope jerks and levels his weapon to aim at the charging mass of gray, but Jagstalker catches his second wind , pounces up, knocking the Snipefire from Scope’s hands, and grabs hold of the Rider from behind.

The cat man licks his lips and purrs into the Rider’s ear.

Jagstalker: My brother must’ve gotten bored waiting his turn; won’t you amuse him?

The new Viron’s eyes glow red as it stomps and fumes like mad bull and continues to charge forward, horn out and aimed right at Scope’s eyes…

Do You Wish to Continue? [Y/N]

Julie: What does it even mean to be a Kamen Rider?

Ken: He’s upgraded himself!

Dan: He’s taken her!

Scope, Faust Drivers: DOUBLE COMBO FINISH!

Next Time: The Unseen Hands!

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